A. Blachernae

Services Provided:

  1. Proofreading
  2. Sensitivity Reading
  3. Website Design (Using either WordPress or Weebly as Platforms)


  1. Proofreading: $0.002 per word. It effectively comes to $140 for 70,000 words. I am open to discussing individual payment plans once you get in touch with me!
  2. Sensitivity Reading: $10 per 7,000 words.
  3. Website Design: The price will vary on the amount of work your potential website will need. Generally my rates will vary between $50-$300 for the project.

What I do:

  1. Check for Spelling, Punctuation and Basic Grammatical Errors.
  2. Check for Overall Consistency in Dialogue and Actions.
  3. Check for Overused Words, Descriptors, and Alliterations in Chapters.

Things that are out of my purview as a Proofreader:

  1. Extensive Editing, whether it be Structural or Grammatical. I am currently not open to projects that require a major overhaul.
  2. Fixing Plot Holes and Issues. I will point them out and might suggest a fix if I can think of one, but I will not write it for you.
  3. I will not format the manuscript for you.

Areas for which I can give Feedback as a Sensitivity Reader:

  1. SE Asian Culture, Religion, and Traditions.
  2. POC Characters and Representation (Especially Asian Characters)
  3. Demisexual and Asexual Characters and Representation

Turn Around Time:

  1. Proofreading: Will depend on the length of your manuscript. I aim to return the proofread manuscript to you within 3-9 weeks.
  2. Sensitivity Reading: Will depend on the length of your manuscript. I aim to give feedback to you within 2-5 weeks.
  3. Website Design: Will depend on the complexity of your potential website and I will communicate with you the rough estimate of the time I’ll require.

Contact Alex:

Email: a.sleepywriter@gmail.com

Twitter: @a_baguette_a