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As an avid support of all authors, (and Indie Authors in particular), it is my firm belief that money should not be a barrier to getting your story out there in the world.

Publishing is a tricky and nuanced business. It might now be easy to get your book published, but monetary and critical success is far from guaranteed. This is before taking into consideration all the money you spent to get the book published in the first place. Spending $1500 on an Editor who you found online isn’t a risky investment, it’s a gamble.

Which brings us to the main purpose of this hub. It is going to host curated, vetted and affordable providers of all the services an author might need from the conception of a book to getting it in the hands of readers. Using this hub will cut down on your research time and eliminate your concerns about quality, enabling you to concentrate on what is truly important: Writing.

It shall be free to use for both authors and service providers. But I am an Unpaid Intern and this Hub takes a lot of effort to curate and maintain, so if you found it useful in any way, please think about buying me a coffee!

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Writing Software

Nothing beats good ol’ pen and paper or old timey typewriters, but if you’re looking to improve your writing experience on your laptop/PC and are searching for a new writing software, click me!


  1. A. Blachernae

Cover Designers

  1. Keira Lane
  2. Victoria Moxley
  3. Jessica Nelson Hardy

Book Formatters

  1. C.B. Everett


  1. C.B. Everett
  2. R. Ramey Guerrero
  3. Jessica Nelson Hardy
  4. Victoria Moxley
  5. Jennifer Kay Davies
  6. Julie Schrader
  7. Anna Keesey


  1. C.B. Everett
  2. Victoria Moxley
  3. Julie Schrader


  1. Keira Lane

Marketing/Promotional Material

  1. Keira Lane
  2. Jantien Schoenmakers