Author Support Services

Stuck trying to research an esoteric subject for your story?

Worried about poor reviews about the accuracy of your scenes?

Need help with world-building and research without breaking your wallet?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, I am the solution!

Areas of Expertise:

  1. Research and World-building
  2. Medicine and Injuries
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry
  5. Astronomy
  6. History



  1. Having me on Retainer to do Research and Answer any Questions that might arise throughout your novel: $0.00075/word. ($45/60,000 words)
  2. Answering simple questions (For example: How much blood can a character safely lose?): No Charge.
  3. Consulting for an already written scene: $1.5/1500 words if less than 5000 words. For works more than 5000 words, 0.0009/word. ($9/10k words)
  4. Asking me to explain a particular detail in simple terms so you can write a scene without needing to do research: $6.0/question.
  5. A 1-on-1 Discord/Zoom call to discuss any questions you might have about your story/book: $7.5/30 minutes.
  6. Asking me to, in consultation with you, research and write out a scene pertaining to my area of expertise that you are having difficulty writing: $9.99/scene.

If you are not able to pay it in one go, I will happily accept payment in Installments of any amount that you are comfortable with. (Ex: $1/mo for 7 months.)

Contact Me:

  1. Email :
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Discord
  5. Patreon