Eternal Pain And Suffering of Max’s Sanity

There Hope sat, kneeled over, clutching her side for dear life. Blood poured onto her hand and stained her chest with scarlet hues. She was at death’s doorstep, and all she had to do was ring the doorbell, and it would all be over. Or, rather, someone else would ring it for her.


A gun. She looked up to see the black void of the barrel of a gun, poised at her forehead. Behind it was none other than Trent with fire in his eye.

“It’s time, Hope.” His voice chilled her to the bone. She looked up and exhaled. This was it. The end of the line. She exhaled, coming to a strange sense of peace with herself and the world. It may have been against her since the beginning, but all in all, at least she still got to experience life.

Well, not for much longer. Her eyes teared up, her face turned sorrowful, pathetic in nature. How did she get here? What ends did she go through to get on this side of anyone?
Let’s go back.
The pearls of time and space are things few venture to. It’s dangerous, after all, to mess with reality. Things are not always what they seem. Hope will not die here, but she sure as damned wishes she did. What exactly happened then?

Set the scene.

Open on a bar. A couple of screwups entered. One was a dreamer. The other, a realist. One has spent their entire life fighting those who choose the life of darkness. The other was what those that live in the shadows aspired to be.

Irregardless of their fates before that fateful day, everything changed when they locked eyes. There was no love, there was no sympathy, there was no knowledge of who they were. All that both of these people saw in each other was a way to get what they wanted most.

They both sat down and started to chat. They knew there was something different about the other one, but what?

The realist found out first.

She was naive, perhaps, but moreover she was not dumb. The dreamer is in us all, the one who we aspire to be, the one who sees the good in everyone. She thought he was just like her. That is why she let him take her to the factory.

That is where they exchanged names for the first time.

“My name is Trent.” He said, and for once, he was telling the truth.

“I’m Hope.” She replied, not seeing the harm in revealing herself. A smile danced around Trent’s lips. He was correct. Now he had to prepare his revenge.

Hope returned to her house. Well, the house of her brother Seb. Not a care was in her mind as she exchanged remarks about her situation to her brother. Though he was glad Hope was happy, Seb sensed aversion to Trent’s ever quickening pace. She was blind to the truth with a rag over her eyes.
Hope and the man met at that factory every Wednesday. They explored the place, both knowing the lot like the back of their hands. One day Hope came home to an empty house.

The house was never empty…

She took up her weapon and walked around the silent husk, looking for her brother. She never found him. A week went by. Two weeks. She gave up looking after three weeks. Trent didn’t show up to the meeting on the 4th week. Nor the fifth or the sixth.

The seventh week came, and as Trent did not come that week, a note came in his place. “Lab on 4th street. Come alone. Midnight.” That is all the letter said. Naturally, due to her unwavering curiosity, she complied.

The lab was dark, looming. Contrasting the moon was a feat that the narrow flickering hallways managed to accomplish, sending chills down Hope’s back. Eventually, she entered a clearing where there was a window, this window shone like a spotlight, revealing that, bound and gagged, Seb lay on the ground.

Hope stood in shock, not knowing what to even do. She tried to call out, tried to scream, anything, but no words came out. Well, one.


There was no answer right away. No one answered. No one was coming. This was her vs. whatever lay in the darkness of the lab.

“Because of what you did to my family.” The spiteful voice struck her, the venom of the bite seeped through her veins. She backed up as Trent’s voice revealed itself.

“Oh, are you surprised to see me? After all, I did send you the invitation.” Trent came out of the darkness, revolver in hand and menace in his eye. He was grinning from ear to ear. The silver of the .44 magnum complimented the glint of the moon. Seb only recoiled at the sight of the monster.
“But… why?” Was all Hope could say. A million thoughts raced through her mind.

“Why? Isn’t it obvious? You slaughtered my family. Your actions were bound to come back to haunt you at some point.” She wasn’t listening. Her senses put up too much strain already, and now, well. They finally snapped.

“But… they must’ve been evil people-”

“You know what is evil?” Trent cut off her stuttering. “Killing without remorse and without a trial. The true evil is murdering while thinking what you are doing is just.” He put the gun to Seb’s head. Hope was powerless, her chest sunk as she made eye contact with Seb. She saw true fear.

“That is exactly what you are doing! Threatening my friend’s life for your selfish desires.” His face rotated to her. His smile grew as the gun was taken off of Seb’s head as Trent advanced forward.

He only stared into Hope’s eyes. For a long damn time. Ten seconds, twenty, it felt like an hour went by. Suddenly Trent raised the weapon to the sky.


The shot broke the silence, followed by a shrill from Hope.

“DO I LOOK LIKE A GOOD GUY TO YOU HOPE?” His voice was laced with madness now. She said nothing, only recoiled further. He got closer and shot the sky again, advancing further and further on hope.

“Stop…” Was all she got out in protest. He complied. He stopped moving toward her.

“Okay, you know what? I will. I got a little ahead of myself, I apologize.” He actually sounded sincere. Hope thought so too. She came out from covering her hands with her face and looked at him. He made eye contact, his softer features came out as he relaxed. Almost at peace with himself. Almost.
He tensed up, suddenly jolting back as he does a 180 on hope, aiming at Seb. BANG BANG BANG.
Three shots tore into Sebastian’s flesh. His tied helpless form was all but lifeless, blood rapidly departed his body. Sebastian was now dead.

“NO!” Hope screamed as she jumped forward toward her beloved friend’s corpse.

“You think this is a game, Hope? This dashing about? Think you can just prance around, doing whatever the hell you want?” Silence. Hope’s muted weeps were heard. “Huh? You think you can end lives and get away with it? Break family ties? Rip up friendships without a second thought? You are not indestructible, Hope.”

She did not respond, Hope was too busy cradling her best friend, the one life she could not save.
“You should probably pay attention to me, I might have something valuable to say.” Trent raised his .44 and fired again, hitting Hope’s right chest. A non-fatal wound. She just screamed again as she leaned against the cupboard, clutching her puncture.

Trent walked over, placing his heel on the gunshot wound, grinding it against where it penetrated. Hope was numb to the pain. Tears streamed down her face. He aimed his Magnum at her one last time as Hope, the beacon for all who still have light inside of them, has accepted death.

“Its time hope.” He said, almost mocking her in this moment as he soaked in he glory. She bowed her head in acceptance.


The gun only had six shots.

Sirens tore all around the lab, gunshots could be heard for miles. Trent looked around frantically. He dropped his gun, pure panic was plastered on his face.

“This… this can not be happening to me! I was so careful…” Hope calmly picked up the gun with trembling fingers and walked over to Trent in his frenzied state.

“Not careful enough.” She said in a half-shaky voice. Then she smacked him across the face with three ponds of solid steel.

Lights flashed her from all sides as police came in from the hallway. A corpse lay on one side of her, a murderer on the other. She dropped her weapon as the police circled her, guns up. She couldn’t help but smile though, another culprit has bit the dust.

All in a day’s work…

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