Strawberry Coloured Moon

Watch out!
The strawberry coloured moon
Will descend this afternoon
And take your breath away
(those who don’t believe are sinful winners
and smile rather than grin)
The howling wolf will stop and stare
Begin to speak and say
“Look! Look over there!”
You gaze until your eyes are glazed
You stop and stay
You lie down with a frown turned upside down
And it is there you stay
A tweed jacketed man and wife
Wake you and take you
For the best breakfast of your life
You speak in a volume too loud for patrons
And too low for gods
Leaving the cafe
The strawberry coloured moon
Is on it’s way
10 in the afternoon
Gives it the best view
It smiles at you as you wave back
It passes you a strawberry delight
And a dew covered snack
The cobra and the lion
Slither and slide
Waltz and glide
Over to where you sit
They partake in cake and wine
Enjoying every sip
You wake again
The tweed man and wife are back
You smile
They smile back
You do it all again that day and the next
And the next after that
All thanks to
The Strawberry Coloured Moon

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