I spent hours working on a special murder scene and kept going back to the drawing board… your solution was the absolute best fit imaginable! Thank you!

~ Kaitlyn Meyers

Okay okay, I want, for real, all of you to support this guy to the ends of the earth. Like, he’s sound. He uses his research skills, expertise and creative brain to edit, offer consults, and advise writers. He wrote an entire, incredibly researched google doc for me detailing how a medieval doctor might view symptoms of gestational diabetes, ways to diagnosis (one with ants!), and even ways they might experimentally practice insulin therapy. He used real historical examples, explained the how and why, and made it simple enough for me to understand so I could turn into fiction. Like WHO IS THIS GOD.

~ Spencer McCoy

As an author, I place integrity as a core value. The integrity of my stories and abilities as a writer are paramount to my own self-respect. I take great pains to bring to the world my best and A. Blachernae helps me execute my best at every turn. His abilities and range of knowledge are beyond impressive, as is his enthusiasm for the craft and helping fellow writers. He is worth his weight in gold, if not much more. It would be a mistake to not work with him as he is thorough and detailed in helping you and explaining on a base level how to apply said details in your plot points. You can’t go wrong with hiring him!

~Keira Lane, Author of From A Heart-Shaped Box