The Truth

Log 1
I witnessed something today that cannot be explained. A group of people appeared on the station, claiming to be entities known as stars. By the way they spoke, and the way they appeared, I can only assume and describe them as the gods of the universe. Were they what created this crystal? I’m not sure. Likely. There were many I could see, but one hid itself from me. I need an explanation. How? I have no clue. Am I in a simulation? Why? Who knows? Are we but pawns for their enjoyment? Who? Beings of unknown origin and ability. How closely do they impact the universe we interact with? Does what I do matter? Are my actions my own? Is there something controlling me? I need to collect my thoughts. I will update you on my condition in my next log.

Log 2
I have a hypothesis: if I can collect all the crystals, I can generate an energetic pulse powerful enough to punch a portal into their realm. I am going to be collecting the crystals with Erin and Deth. Will update later.

Log 3
I’ve gathered a few of the crystals. I had to leave Erin and Deth behind. They were slowing my progress. Now that their friend Estrella was revived, they don’t have the time to assist me. While they’re busy catching up I will be working on something much more important. I need the crystals.

Log 4
I have them all. I had to go to measures that I’d rather not expand upon in this log. All I will say is that my armor needs to be cleaned, the red splatters give off an uneasy feeling to those around me. I also have left my station and now am working on my own. I’ve almost forgotten Erin’s persistent positivity, and Deth’s sulky realism. Despite how I miss them, I must continue. I will test my hypothesis tomorrow.

Log 5
I’ve lost it. Not the crystals, those are safe. They’ve formed into a single mass now. All is well with them. But with me, not so much. He has appeared to me. He seems to have achieved the same level as one of the Stars mentioned before. The man who murdered me. The one who sent me into the Limbo dimension, the birthplace of the crystals. Clyde. The manipulator of elements much like those of the crystals. He appeared to me and said that he had one of the crystals, and that he was not the Clyde I thought. He was a figment of my imagination. A driving force to make me find Clyde. I am now looking for Clyde. I must know the truth.

Log 6
Clyde is being… aggravating. He won’t let go of the crystals. They’re stuck to him. He won’t let go of them. He won’t let go of MY CRYSTALS! He holds the key but his selfishness is keeping us from knowing the truth. I should have expected this from him! I should’ve expected a murderer try to keep things from me for his selfishness. I’LL KILL HIM! Make HIM know how it feels to be dead. Only this time he won’t come back.

Present Day
My eyes opened and I found myself back on the planet that started this whole thing. I sat in a wooden chair made from the wreckage of my home. The scattered chunks of concrete and wooden splinters drew memories. A pain grew in my chest as the weight of these memories welled up. This was my first true home. The place I used to almost successfully murder Clyde. I chuckled, I had made a house into a rocket for the sole purpose of killing Clyde. I looked over and saw these memories unfold from my mind. Then my memories turned dark.
Two figures standing, only silhouettes in the bright sun. A bond appears to be forming between them, when suddenly one takes out a knife and stabs the other in the chest. I wince as the knife hits the other figure’s chest, my chest. A flash of pink light erupts from his chest and he disappears. Then the figure walks away. Clyde, walks away.
As I turn back forward, a boy appears to me. “How did I-?” I wrack my memory, “I cant… I can’t remember…”
“None of us can,” the boy says, fully revealing himself, “Its been too long.”
“Who are you?” I ask.
“I am your star,” he says, eyes soft with compassion, “Everyone else has been meeting their champions so I figured I might as well meet mine.” I didn’t understand what he meant, but he seemed to be sure about what he was talking about, and I needed to know the truth.
I questioned “I’m your-?”
“Champion” he interrupted, “and I’m your star.” He paused and then after some thought explained, “In fact, I am the Alpha star, the origin star for this whole universe. I created this whole universe with the intention of developing a reality that would follow natural laws of entropy: continuous disorder. However many of the stars interfered with the entropy, by stepping in. But that was a long time ago. Back whenever stars observed their champions. You see, Champions have a unique quality. Time bends around them, based on how closely the star observes. When a star observes a Champion, time resumes and plays as normal. But when a star stops observing, and joins their own reality, the Champion, and all time around them, freeze. It remains this way until a star starts observing again. Well it’s been a long time since anyone observed a champion, we’ve all stepped back into the duties of our own reality.”
My chest felt heavy, “So we’ve all been frozen in time?”
“Yes,” he said with melancholy, “and it will probably stay that way.”
I looked to the ground. Time never moving? I’m that important? We have that much weight?
“So I can offer you three things,” he began to pace, “You can stay here in this reality, always frozen in time, or you can walk through one of these doors”
With a wave of his hand two doors form from the wreckage, a blue and a red. The cracks of debris run through the frames and the doors. Paint chipping with weak age.
“The red door will end your adventure, but will leave you at rest. After all, we see the whole world as a series of beginnings and ends. Or you can walk through the blue door. It will erase your memories and continue your adventure. You won’t know it, you’ll think an adventure has just begun, but the stars will remember that you were here. So?”
I felt tired. My body scarred, battered and bruised. I was no stranger to adventure, but did I want anymore? My chest rose and fell with heavy air. My bones felt like the doorposts, cracked and ancient. I had lived my life to find the truth, and I had found it. If I forget, what’s to say I won’t fall into the desperation of needing knowledge again? I can’t go through it again. I couldn’t handle it. My body ached with memories, my head heavy under the weight of my past.
I walked forward. I had made my choice. I stood bravely before the door in front of me. Thoughts fought me, pressing hesitation into my outstretched hand. The cold metal rested in my hand, the knob finalizing my choice.
I looked back at my star, and he nodded, “Just as I thought,” he said, proud and content.
I twisted the knob and walked into the door. I squinted as the bright white light on the other side spilled through. And as I took a step forward, I felt my mind clear. The memories lost form and my mind dulled into a void. My memories lost hold and I sunk into the endless white space. I turned back, and saw the door dissolve, as I closed my eyes to rest.

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