Thinking About Publishing? Learn The Pros and Cons of Indie Publishing with Kimber Delaney!

Kimber Delaney spent over a dozen years in the Army, traveling the world and collecting memories. After leaving the military, she went back to school to get her Master’s in Composition. It was there she decided to finally start writing the stories she’d been dreaming of for years.

She is fond of fountain pens, gaming, research, and travel.

Kimber is originally from New Mexico and now lives with her husband and their three feline overlords in the middle of small town Alabama.

You can find her on Twitter at @KimberWrites.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and the books you’ve published.
    Well, I’m married and owned by three cats. Childfree. I currently live in Alabama, but I’m originally from New Mexico. Former writing instructor, former Soldier, current editor of nonfiction.
    I have two books published, Wayward and Untamed. There are four total planned (all standalones) for this series. They’re military romantic suspense novels set at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. They revolve around a small team of CID agents and the people they fall in love with.
  2. What motivated you to be an Author?
    I’ve always enjoyed writing. Thought about going into journalism for a few years, then got over that. And then life happened, as it does, and I didn’t write for a long time. The urge came back while I was in college, and I started making plans when I was almost done with my Master’s—I refused to work on the novels until I finished the thesis.
  3. You went the Indie Route when it came to publishing. Why?
    Honestly, I had no desire to jump through hoop after hoop to go through the entire trad process. Props to those who want to, but it wasn’t for me. Something about the crushing horror of rejection…
  4. Do you have any advice for newly minted Indie Authors?
    Take breaks. Value your time.
    You’re going to get all sorts of information from all over the place. Half of it will contradict the other half. Don’t try to implement all of it at once. Do a little, see how it works. Adjust, then do a bit more.
    Be mindful of the things you say and do, especially on social media. To that end, keep your inner circle small. We all need to vent/whine/cry/bitch/rant sometimes, but putting it all out there stands a good chance of backfiring.
  5. What do you feel, are the biggest Advantages and Disadvantages when it comes to Indie Publishing?
    Advantages: Control over the entire project.
    Disadvantages: Control over the entire project.

    There’s so much freedom over all aspects of the process. Creative control is yours. So is advertising, networking, marketing, editing, proofreading, business stuff…the list goes on. And all of this fits into both categories. For me, these things are more of an advantage.
  6. Mind giving us a sneak peek into your future plans/publications?
    Well, I’m currently working on the third book in Soldier’s Heart, and plotting the final book.
    After that, I am going to focus on a paranormal Romance series. I drafted the first book for this one back in 2018 and set it aside since the worldbuilding needed a lot of work. Since then, it’s grown into something a lot bigger.
    There’s a multiverse, a club, magic (obviously), and a lot of wild (and spicy) stuff going on. I am really excited about this project and can’t wait to start playing in this world.