Treena McCabe

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  1. Editing
  2. Proofreading

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“Cannot express how awesome [she is], teaching me a lot and guiding me on how to improve my current WIP.

Noting down EVERYTHING moving forward!”

— Asura Rhythm, author of Wolves of Wrath

“I’ve been writing and editing for French publishers for more than ten years. When I started writing in English, both for personal and professional reasons, Treena was the first person who didn’t give up after a couple of chapters. She’s also been more thorough than anyone else I’ve worked with before—in French or English.

Speaking from personal experience, editing a writer who isn’t a native speaker is a tough job. But Treena’s always shown great patience and answered my questions when I didn’t understand a correction. She’s also provided helpful advice on grammar, style, and storytelling, much of which I can apply to my French novels. I’ve learned more in two years working with her than I did in ten years with French publishers and am now more confident in my stories.”

— Kailyn Mei, author of various novels and short stories

“We had the pleasure of working with Treena when we were looking for help with our website. Specifically, we needed someone to ensure it was elegant and would explain what we do formal manner.

Treena was not only professional and easy to work with, she also got the job done quickly and efficiently. Her attention to detail is amazing! We were able to create a beautiful website without fear of grammatical errors or unnecessary information.

We could not recommend her more for anything you need professionally written!”

— Nyx & Skyler, small business owners

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Twitter: @polishandprint